Fantastic Window's search utility.

Fantastic Window's search utility.

Rummage is a Windows application which rethinks how to organise and retrieve files. Instead of having a folder structure, which computers like, Rummage helps you organise your files the way you actually think about them. By providing a more natural interface for storing and locating your files, Rummage makes it easier and faster to retrieve files when you really need them.

Rummage is free and will remain that way for individuals. Rummage is still in development, get in touch with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Rummage helps you find and work with your files using things that matter to you. Rummage knows about your contacts, existing folder structure, dates and more making search fast and intuitive.



Rummage 0.8.827.0

User reviews about Rummage

  • ben.lange.getrummage

    by ben.lange.getrummage

    "Really useful new files search and organisation tool for Windows."

    Great search tool. Good reviews from PC world and Computer Active too..   More.